About Us

The Munguia Family History The Munguia family first arrived from the Mexican state of Michoacan in 1976. Don Jorge Munguia, the Patriarch of the family,began working at different restaurants all around East Los Angeles as a dishwasher to make ends meat.

Don Jorge found every oportunity to learn and grow in the restaurant business and through hard work and dedication he eventually became the well-seasoned chef that he is today. The passion and love he poured into his dishes soon proved that Don Jorge had a knack in the kitchen as well. He quickly became recognized for his culinary abilities and his popularaty. Along the way Don Jorge and his wife Leticia, became the proud parents of four wonderful children. Thirty-five years later we are here at Munguia’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant, in Whittier.

The same commitment is placed into every dish, remembering the road he’s traveled to achieve his great wish, to some day have a restaurant of his own. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to live the American Dream. Enjoy your meal & please come back again soon.